Our goal in the way we choose curriculum and structure our classes is that all of our teaching and learning aligns with our Philosophy of Education. We want our students to be learning, growing and thriving in a restful environment that fosters curiosity and diligence. The curriculum for all of our classes, aside from our Lower School, is taught thoroughly in class with additional work being assigned and completed during the week. This is done so that the subject is completely covered by what Meadowlark offers. We are not a school that covers every subject, but what we cover is totally taken care of for that student for the year. Our teachers communicate with parents regarding what work needs to be done at home during the week so that our students come to class prepared to further their learning.

Meadowlark is divided into 6 class groupings. We have grade guidelines associated with these groupings, but they are not rigid. We recommend parents consider what will be expected of each group of students and make placement decisions accordingly. You will find a few sample weekly assignment sheets below to give you a feel for what we ask of our students. Our Lower School (K5-2nd grade) are divided into Larks and Finches, Lower Elementary is 3rd-4th, Upper Elementary is 5th-6th, Middle is 7th-8th and our High School is 9th-12th.


For our Lower School we offer a holistic class having 2 teachers total, each teaching one half day. The subjects covered are calendar time (days of the week, months of the year, weather, etc.) nature study and science, and literature.

The Elementary School students have 3 teachers, each teaching their subject: Writing + Literature, Science and Art. We use a Charlotte Mason style science in this class that focuses on the exploration and enjoyment of nature and science. The writing and literature for this group focuses on narration as well as discussion of and exposure to good books.

Our Middle School also has 3 teachers. They have Writing + Literature, Science and Cultural Studies/Art on an annual rotation. Our science class focuses on the exploration and enjoyment of nature and science. The writing and literature topics for this class are more rigorous than the Elementary Class and will again provide opportunity for quality literature exposure and discussion.

The High School meets for a full day on Thursday and Tuesday afternoons. Classes include Writing + Literature, Science, and electives. Students may take a full load or a la carte. Electives rotate yearly and may include Phys. Ed., Fine Art, Critical Thinking, Government & Economics.

All of Meadowlark meets for 20 minutes in the morning for our Collective time. This includes some poetry, hymn singing, composer study and brief poetry memory work.

Sample Work

Below you will find some samples of Weekly Assignments. Please look these over as you consider in which School to enroll your child.

Application of Philosophy

 Download our philosophy for writing and literature classes and our science classes.